Beautifully and uniquely handcrafted using high quality and sustainable materials

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Home Decor

Pillow Covers

Guatemalan Huipil Pillow Covers hand made by Mayan artisans with colorful textiles. 

Tortilla wraps

Beautiful Guatemala Mayan textile 18x 18 cloth. Can be used as table... 


gorgeous handwoven placemats by local artisans in Guatemala 


Multicolor Guatemalan napkins handwoven by artisans of Maya. 



Beautiful Guatemala Mayan textile head bands made with handwoven textile by artisans 


Beautiful Guatemalan bracelets. A very unique piece of accessory handmade by artisans... 

Tote bags

Guatemala handmade tote bags perfect for shopping or the beach 


Guateartisan is a small online shop brand based in Los Angeles and we mainly showcase handmade creations of Maya artisans. Every item is beautifully and uniquely handcrafted using high quality and sustainable materials.

  • Generations Of Traditions and Knowledge

    It is amazing the years and years of experience and knowledge these indigenous artisans have and each creation is made with so much love and passion. The Maya craftmanship has been passed on from generation to generation, which entire families and even whole villages join to work together in creating unique and magnificent pieces.

  • Why Guateartisan?

    We hand pick every single handmade items including home decor cushion pillow covers, woven table runners, colorful cloth placemats and napkins, wooden trays, huipil pouches, bags, small purses, shams that represent different providences of Guatemala. Our products are high quality, sustainable and zero waste made by Mayan artisans.

  • Our Social Impact and Responsibility

    We care about our customers and behind their purchases, help to make a positive change in the world. For us, it is an obligation to be transparent and build an honest relationship not only with our customers but also with our local partners. Our goal is to give back as much as possible to our indigenous partners to support them and their communities so that they keep creating what they love.

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