It's all about the HUIPIL

The huipil is a very important part of what we, Guateartisan represent. Alison & Kay, founders of Guateartisan, began as a way to share with the world about the importance of Guatemalan traditions and heritage, since we've been part of that culture and experienced it first hand growing up in that beautiful country.



A huipil is the traditional hand-woven blouse worn by the indigenous women in Guatemala. It is a sleeveless wide box-like shape garment and it is known for its bright colors and bold patterns and are the foundation of many of our products. It is usually paired with a thick fabric skirt. Each huipil is one of a kind since their design and fabrication vary by the region it was made from. The indigenous women from Guatemala have worn and passed this art form through generations and generations. 

It is exciting to know that there is an endless variety of huipiles. Each indigenous village, town or region in Guatemala can be identified with their own unique huipil. Each area has a specific style and significance. It can take up to 2 to 3, even 4 months to create a huipil and it all depends on the complexity of the design/pattern and the weaver herself. This is why it is pretty expensive to buy one!

The creation of a huipil isn't just weaving a traditional garment so indigenous women can wear them everyday. It is an ancestral practice passed on by many generations and even through centuries of change, the huipil will survive as the symbol of the Maya women in Guatemala.

We Guateartisan will always treasure the unique huipiles and the meanings behind them. 

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